No new taxes without SIGNIFICANT reforms

Illinois is bloated, broken & broke.

Illinois has some of the highest property, sales & use and income taxes in the country. Our state has nearly 7,000 taxable government units and an unfunded pension liability approaching $150 billion. At the same time, we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and we are losing tax-paying citizens and corporations at an alarming rate. This is a recipe for a financial disaster of epic proportions.

We need a change. A change from 20+ years of unchecked, one party control full of unfunded mandates and “giveaways” that has gotten us to this point. Unfortunately, time is not on our side. If we do not act now, we will continue to head down the same path of tax & spend that we’ve been on for two-decades until there’s not any more money left.

Our education system is failing our children

We have all heard the term “children are our future” but, in Illinois, that future is not bright

Today, in Illinois, nearly one-thrid of our children can’t read and more than 25% of them are not proficient in math at their grade level. In Chicago Public Schools, the problem is MUCH worse - despite spending per student increasing 56% from 2010-2021. In fact, CPS spends the 2nd most in the US per student among the big US school districts – that amount takes into account total federal, state & local education spending, including pension costs.

So, what is CPS, along with Mayor Johnson & the Chicago Teachers Union doing about it? They are working to eliminate school choice along with the best of the best schools in the district in order to double down on THEIR broken system. OUR KIDS, EVERY KID, DESERVES BETTER. It starts with bringing back and expanding ‘Invest in Kids’ along with other tested, proven methods to make sure no child is left behind.

Support our police in keeping us safe & hold prosecutors accountable to enforce the laws on the books

Cue the “dun dun” that you hear at the start of any one of the episodes of Law & Order

We all see it, crime in Illinois, and more specifically in Chicago & Cook County, is getting to the point of being out of control and what do the “progressives” want to do – defund the police and elect State’s Attorney’s who are soft on criminals by choosing which laws they want to enforce & prosecute. In addition, the SAFE-T Act that was signed by Governor Pritzker in 2022 is anything but. This needs to change.

Our police and other first responders put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. They deserve not only the best training & tools to do their job but they also deserve our support. Currently, in Chicago, under the direction of Mayor Lightfoot and now Mayor Johnson, our officers are limited on what and how they can do their job – and the criminals know it. As a result, crime is up and we are losing officers from the ranks. Add to that, CPD is not able to recruit new officers at the numbers that are necessary for even a minimum level of public safety.

As for prosecutors, especially under the SAFE-T Act, we are seeing individuals with a long record of convictions and those who are accused of violent crimes with firearms being released on electronic monitoring devices. Unfortunately, as with the limitations on our police, the criminals know that the State’s Attorney’s office is being lenient as to their enforcement of the laws of the State of Illinois. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” should be the norm but, today, there is a thumb on the scales of justice in favor of offenders.

We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and our city, county, state & federal leaders are making it worse

Dazed & confused is not just the title of a movie from the early 90’s, it describes the “leadership” (or lack thereof) during this crisis

Every time we look at the headlines there is something being reported about the migrant crisis facing our city and, while the bigger issue of border security rests with the federal government, as of March 18, 2024, Chicago has received over 37,000 migrants to date and still have over 11,000 in shelters. Click here for the “dashboard”.

Rather than tackle the problem head-on, in conjunction with Cook County and State of Illinois, Mayor Johnson has had a history of stops & starts, indecision and finger-pointing that has led us to where we are at today – inhumane conditions and a health crisis that has cost tax-payers MILLIONS that we don’t have and has taken away services from our citizens. This is wrong on so many levels.